Re-Elect State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero Albuquerque District 13

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Oppose cuts to the Medicaid program that would harm the most vulnerable, while also increasing access to affordable health care options

Achieve a livable wage.

Invest in our schools and improve educational outcomes of our children. Support small businesses in providing a path toward sustainable, quality job creation


Oppose hateful policies from current administration. Work with local, state and federal policy makers to create more humane and secure immigration laws. Bring honesty, fairness and transparency to government

About Patricia

As a community economic developer and organizer, Patricia has hands on experience in connecting the community with the resources needed to bring improvements and opportunities to residents for sustainable and affordable living. She has been active in neighborhood coalitions in efforts to gain local government support for the issues she is committed to.

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Patricia's Support

From labor groups to environment organizations, Patricia has represented a wide variety of constituents throughout her tenure and because of that has gained the love and support of many local and national organizations. 

Capital Outlay

See Patricia's track record in winning resources for her constituents. 

Gun Control

Common sense gun reform that reduces the risk of guns falling into bad hands. We need to do more to protect our families from domestic terrorism and keep our communities and schools safe. 

Global Warming

The climate crisis is real as evidenced by all the recent natural disasters and the frequency by which they are occurring. We should be enacting policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions and establish renewable energy systems such as solar and wind. 


Our school systems should implement community school models to focus on the value students bring by integrating cultural and language relevant skills from early to higher education. 

Indigenous Rights & Tribal Issues

De-colonizing long held biases and barriers preventing progress is at the core of fighting for access and opportunities and recognizing the critical significance and contributions our tribal communities have played and continue to play in the economic, social and political tapestry and progress of New Mexico.


A lifetime of union organizing and activism brings a unique and powerful understanding and allegiance to the value of having worker representation and employment equity on all levels, represented in legislative policy and protections. The successes and advancements of our social, political and economic systems and achievements rests on the backbone of organized labor which must always be recognized, honored and protected.